Seaton, Peters & Revnew is dedicated to keeping employers up to date on the laws that affect them. We encourage you to learn more and to contact us if you have questions about a particular legal development. We also welcome you to read firm shareholder Corie J. Anderson's law blog, MINNESOTA WAGE & HOUR: Empowering Employers & HR Professionals.

Employees Do The Darndest Things!

On April 12, Doug Seaton and Emily Ruhsam presented a Webinar discussing some of the things that employees do that leave employer’s scratching t…

Our Clients Prevail: Child Care Union Vote Stopped - Permanently!

On April 6, 2012, a Ramsey County Judge ruled that Governor Mark Dayton exceeded his constitutional authority in issuing an Executive Order that wou…
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From Hire-to-Fire - How Old Are Your Agreements?

As the economy continues to show signs of recovery some employers are hiring, creating new positions and/or bringing back previously eliminated posi…
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Federal Court Upholds Portion of NLRB Posting Rule

On March 2, 2012, a federal judge in the District of Columbia ruled that although the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) has the authority …
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NLRB Issues Guidance on Social Media Policies

Since the explosion of Facebook, an employer’s right to restrict its employees’ use of social media has been a reoccurring hot button topic. Tod…
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Top 5 Employment Law Issues to Watch for in 2012

Proper Payment of Wages and Overtime. 2011 saw a rise in wage and hour enforcement. In 2011, the Department of Labor (“DOL”) Wage and Hour Divi…

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